Monday, 16 April 2012

A Food Day in the Life of Me

Recently, someone made a comment that because I'm vegan, food must be a very small part of my life. Couldn't be further from the truth. I'm a busy girl, but eating well is my number one priority. I'm always adapting how I live and what I make, but I've really gotten some staples going in my day-to-day life. Here are some things I eat on days when...

...I'm working out first thing in the morning
First thing in the morning, no matter what I'm doing that day, I wake up and chug a huge glass of water. This really gets your digestive system going, and an added lemon slice can be a nice touch.

Breakfast - A power smoothie to give me liquid energy that my body can quickly absorb for my workout. I will put any combination of the following in my smoothie: frozen banana or mango, fresh avocado, some almond butter, cacao, carob, raw honey, maca, cinnamon, ground flax, spirulina, coconut water, or chia gel. I usually make a big smoothie and save half for after my workout.

Post-workout - I make my own raw protein bars. If I don't have any, I do half my smoothie and maybe a handful of nuts.

Lunch - A steamed sweet potato with tahini and sprouts.

Snack - Chopped veggies.

Dinner: Steamed greens with umeboshi vinegar and olive oil, served with a yummy grain.

...I'm out and about all day
Some days I go to work and then school directly after, meaning I'm out of my house for over half the hours in the day. I need something I can make quick that will fill me up all day!

Breakfast - Green juice with a handful of nuts.

Snack - Small fruit salad.

Lunch - Steel cut oats soaked in cashew or almond milk, with cinnamon, cacao nibs and mashed banana.

Snack - Chopped veggies.

Dinner - Big salad with homemade dressing.

...I have a bit of extra time
Ah, weekends. Love 'em.

Breakfast - Grilled tofu with cornmeal and fresh black pepper and a hint of olive oil, served on a small bagel with vegan cheese, ketchup and chopped veggies. Note: I eat this delicious treat maybe once a month if that. But oh man, what a good indulgence!

Snack - Apple slices with almond butter.

Lunch - Roasted veggies and millet, topped with cashews.

Dinner - Shredded cabbage, carrots or beets with sea salt, vinegar and olive oil.

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