Thursday, 13 November 2014

2 More Weeks. BOOM

I'm two weeks away from stage day. I'm cranky, hungry, tired, sore... but most importantly EXCITED AS HELL to be walking that stage. I just got my suit in the mail, and now everything feels so real. It's all coming together...

Not bad for night time abs!

Yep, I got a pic of my butt. I just wanted to show my coach how the bottoms looked, because I'm nervous about the regulations for OPA. However, looking at recent bikini competitors in the OPA, I think I'm all good. Also, I'm proud of my glutes... they've been stubborn, but I think they came a long way during prep!

August, November.

Changes lately: I am really trying to drink a lot of water. Like a shit ton. And sleep is so important. If I don't sleep well and I abuse chewing gum AND I don't drink water, I turn into a balloon. These days abs are looking good for the most part. I am worried about leg jiggle... but for now just focusing on hydrating, keeping digestion optimal, and being very careful with sodium. I do have a bit from tamari and mustard, but I am starting to watch my quantities with hot sauce and salsa.

Workouts are killin me. Fasted cardio has increased, and that means pretty much every day I take 1-2 showers, and I am constantly walking around with a change of clothes and shoes. Factor that in with a one hour or more commute, and plus a lottttt of food... yeah I am pretty much living out of a suitcase day to day.

As cranky and crazy as my mood swings have been, I am feeling more motivated than ever. I always tell myself to just worry about me, and not compare myself to others. Win or lose, I am very proud of myself thus far. But that being said... I am rocking my confidence on stage.

I'm having a photo shoot this weekend to capture my physique that I've been workin on all this time. It's gonna be a crazy weekend, since I just started a new job at a bar and my hours are long, but I've been going to bed super early and plan to continue doing that... so let's hope I make it. 

Post soon... have an awesome night, everyone! ;)

xoxo Tij

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Under 4 weeks out... CRUNCH TIME!

Wow, I cannot believe it's November already. So many thoughts and feelings are happening. It's a mix of nervous, excited, worried, happy... and everything in between.

So here's what's going on.

How I'm feeling: I just had some progress pics yesterday, and I feel kinda bummed about my abs. They are for sure the hardest thing to show off. Water, rest, food, cardio, and of course workouts all must be on point. I felt bloated yesterday because I've been chewing gum like crazy to combat night time cravings (struggle = SO real), and to be honest I don't think my sleep has been the best or my water intake. Now I just mentally slapped myself in the face and said "Tijana, you have more time. If you drink your water, push your ass off at the gym, be very strict with diet and listen to your coach, you can DO THIS!!!" I know it's true! I am definitely trying not to compare myself to others either, because that can be the worst thing for confidence... and I need to be able to show I'm confident on stage.

How I'm looking: Here are the pics. I used a different bikini than I normally do this time because I didn't have the red one with me. The bottoms are a bit small for this one. Fat loss is undoubtedly coming along but I keep thinking GO FASTER. Legs especially. Even if my abs are bloated, I can see em there a bit.

Speaking of bikini, I ORDERED MINE!! I had the measurements submitted and requested an appropriate bottom for my organization (OPA kinda wants a lot of bum coverage, and my suit is from an American site). I looked at an awesome page on Etsy and the prices and reviews are all very good, in my opinion. She assured my it would come on time so I hope to God it does... hah.

What I'm eating: So much protein. So little carbs. AAAALLLL the cravings! I have to mentally convince myself seitan tastes like cake. I dip it in coconut oil and put cinnamon on it though, so it kinda acts as my dessert. In all seriousness, it's tough and I wouldn't be eating such low fat and carbs for long term, especially getting all that protein from gluten and soy. I plan on doing an alkaline detox after my show and get a wack ton of antioxidants. Working out so much and eating the bare minimum to be as lean as possible is definitely not realistic, and more importantly it does cause a lot of free radicals.

I find that documenting my process kinda feels like the journal I need to write in to deal with all my thought processes along the way... as funny as that sounds. :) I do also hope to encourage people to try a show themselves. Anyone can do it and you really get to test your discipline and see hard work pay off.

Until next time.. I'm off to bed to dream of chocolate dipped strawberries.

xoxo Tij