Thursday, 22 August 2013

Super Moist Protein Brownies (AKA Heaven)

I have been OBSESSED this these babies since I whipped up my first batch. Using beets in brownies is old news - they're a very healthy way to add sweetness and nutrients to brownies. And guess what? Chocolate is healthy, too. Real frikkin chocolate. Well, this recipe is made with protein powder, but it's Vega, so it is indeed real cacao. And it's sweetened with stevia. Awww yeah. 

I love to crumble them on my protein puddings (see a previous post I did on those), eat as a morning snack or I may even try to throw them in a healthy brownie "milkshake" with almond milk and frozen bananas. OH LAWD!

The first time I made them, I just used coconut oil instead of almond butter. That's yummy too. They turned out very red the first time. I had originally named them Red Velvet Brownies. Since they're browner now, this is their name, lol. I also changed the type of nut milk pulp I use. If you're curious about a sub in this recipe, and don't wanna try it, you can just shoot me a comment and I'll probably have an answer for ya.

You'll never believe they get a lot of their sweetness from beets, and their moistness from nut milk pulp!

-1 cup beet purée (approximately 4-5 medium sized beets. I bake mine!)

-1.5 scoops chocolate protein powder (I use Vega sport)

-1 cup spelt flour 

-1 tsp each baking powder and baking soda

-1 cup unsweetened almond milk (see below how to make your own)

-1/4 cup almond butter

-About 1/2 cup nut milk pulp (make from soaking a cup of raw nuts overnight, then rinsing and blending at high speed with 1 litre of water, and straining through a colander. The liquid is nut milk, and the fibre is your pulp!)

-1 tbsp flax + 3 tbsp water (aka one "flax egg")

-2 tbsp dairy free chocolate chips

Optional frosting-1/2 scoop protein powder-1 tbsp pb2 (you can use regular nut butter!)-1 tbsp coconut flour -almond milk, to consistency


1. Preheat oven to 350.

2. Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl and gently mix. 

3. In a separate bowl, combine all wet ingredients (not chocolate chips yet). Make sure you've let the flax egg absorb the water before adding it. 

4. Fold the wet ingredients into the dry, then add the chocolate chips and mix well. 

5. Pour batter into a 9x9" lightly greased brownie pan. Bake for 30 minutes. 

6. Allow to cool before adding the frosting on top. Slice into brownies and enjoy! I like to make 9.

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