Thursday, 13 November 2014

2 More Weeks. BOOM

I'm two weeks away from stage day. I'm cranky, hungry, tired, sore... but most importantly EXCITED AS HELL to be walking that stage. I just got my suit in the mail, and now everything feels so real. It's all coming together...

Not bad for night time abs!

Yep, I got a pic of my butt. I just wanted to show my coach how the bottoms looked, because I'm nervous about the regulations for OPA. However, looking at recent bikini competitors in the OPA, I think I'm all good. Also, I'm proud of my glutes... they've been stubborn, but I think they came a long way during prep!

August, November.

Changes lately: I am really trying to drink a lot of water. Like a shit ton. And sleep is so important. If I don't sleep well and I abuse chewing gum AND I don't drink water, I turn into a balloon. These days abs are looking good for the most part. I am worried about leg jiggle... but for now just focusing on hydrating, keeping digestion optimal, and being very careful with sodium. I do have a bit from tamari and mustard, but I am starting to watch my quantities with hot sauce and salsa.

Workouts are killin me. Fasted cardio has increased, and that means pretty much every day I take 1-2 showers, and I am constantly walking around with a change of clothes and shoes. Factor that in with a one hour or more commute, and plus a lottttt of food... yeah I am pretty much living out of a suitcase day to day.

As cranky and crazy as my mood swings have been, I am feeling more motivated than ever. I always tell myself to just worry about me, and not compare myself to others. Win or lose, I am very proud of myself thus far. But that being said... I am rocking my confidence on stage.

I'm having a photo shoot this weekend to capture my physique that I've been workin on all this time. It's gonna be a crazy weekend, since I just started a new job at a bar and my hours are long, but I've been going to bed super early and plan to continue doing that... so let's hope I make it. 

Post soon... have an awesome night, everyone! ;)

xoxo Tij

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