Sunday, 31 August 2014

My First Bikini Competition - as a VEGAN!

It's been a while since I've been experimenting in the kitchen these days. There are a couple reasons for this; first one being that I am all about quick, easy, and filling staple meals when I have busy work days (which is a lot lately). Second, I have JUST entered into my first ever bikini competition!

For those of you who are not familiar with different types of bodybuilding, there are different types of competitions out there which have a very wide variety of criteria. Bikini is frequently what women do as their first show, because you won't need as much muscle as other categories and it can also be considered more "feminine" than other types of bodybuilding. It's all about being lean and having symmetry between the muscle groups on the upper and lower body, primarily shoulders and glutes. Figure competitors do need to pack more muscle, and there is different criteria there for sure, but I am really no expert to ask. :) There are more types than that as well, but as I said, best to Google those.

Anyway, I've wanted to do this show for a very long time. I follow a lot of vegan bodybuilders online and I am always so impressed and motivated whenever I read about their winnings on a totally cruelty-free diet. However, I was in a relationship in which my partner was totally against me showing those glutes on a stage to a bunch of people... even though, in my humble opinion, that would be a totally appropriate setting to show off those hard-earned glutes!

I wanted to do this to really see where my body can go. I am already very active and eat tons of healthy food, but aesthetics have not been my goal. I've spoken about my body image struggle on here many times, and I can honestly say I am in a great place whether I'm 15% body fat or downing the occasional vodka shot. (I use "occasional" very loosely).

So what does this mean I gotta do differently? Well, for starters, diet is everything. I have a very specific meal plan, made by a coach who is prepping me for my stage day. She is not vegan but she has made my macronutrient profile fit my needs for losing fat and keeping my hard-earned muscle as I train. Instead of just chillin with my spoon and jar of PB, I now measure each and every morsel I consume. I can honestly say that so far I feel no deprivation, but I definitely feel a little bored of eating the same thing all the time. You guys know me.... my blog is all about being adventurous in the kitchen! But my eyes are on the prize. I love all plant food anyway, so I still look forward to eating!

My prep is pretty tight - 12 weeks total. Which means I am buckling down and am prepared to accept I may not be allowed to have any cheat meals at all. Vegan pizza and vodka sodas will have to wait. Also, training sessions are mandatory. I do train frequently on a regular basis but now I am specifically doing different muscle groups in the appropriate quantity needed for bikini. So focus is on that bubble butt! 

Besides training and strict diet, sleep and hydration are key. I am drinking water like never before, and my sleep has never been more important. Truth be told this is a great way for me to decrease my partying (it's all about balance, people. And I've been unbalanced!).

I'll try to post more on her about my show... I do wanna know what you guys wanna see, though. Let me know in the comments.

Have an AWESOME long weekend! 

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