Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bikini Diet VS Regular Diet + Progress Pics

I wanted to post a little bit about my progress so far for those interested. It's been about 3 weeks now, and I've lost about 4 lbs and I can fit into pants which used to make me look like a stuffed sausage! My body is changing slowly and surely, and these progress pics after 2 weeks says it all:

Sorry for the awkward posing in the first pic lol. I was especially shy to post these because I have cellulite going on, but honestly what lady doesn't? I've been working hard to reduce the fat in my legs especially, and I can see the progress in these pics in that area the most!

By the way, I intend to be honest and open and post a lot about my journey along the way in this competition. I will (already do) miss making elaborate vegan meals every day, so the food blogging may reduce... It's gonna be pretty competition-focused here until November. Hope you guys will enjoy following me along the way!

Speaking of food, I wanted to talk about the difference between what I normally eat versus how my diet is now structured.

First of all, I definitely eat more calories normally than I do at this phase of my competition. My diet just got modified a bit more for the next 4 weeks to have less carbs and calories and a bit less fat. I am still eating almond butter so I am uber happy! Although if I was eating without restriction, I would just grab the whole jar and go to town as a snack.

I definitely eat more carbs on a regular basis when I'm not on prep. I think right now my diet is less than 40% carbs, and that's mostly complex carbs. I have one fruit a day. I am NOT saying eating carbs is bad and that low carb is good. To lose fat, I am trying to slowly give my body less fuel through carbs so it will mobilize some of my stored fat. My diet is not super low carb either, trust me. I still have my oats, banana/apple a day, and plus a shit ton of veggies. Keep in mind this is my first competition and my prep will only be a total of 13-14 weeks, so the diet gets strict pretty quick!

The lower carbs, no alcohol, tons and tons of water every day, and good sleep (for the most part, I'm human!) have all contributed to the weight loss and feeling leaner. I can't stress enough how the body really needs to be balanced in all aspects of health - so rest and hydration are KEY. You can't just put fuel in your tank and expect it to keep running with no other maintenance.

Here is a typical day for me:

- Oats, protein powder, a bit of cinnamon and unsweetened almond milk

- 1 fruit (apple/banana) and almond butter

- Big salad with tempeh, greens, and hemp oil

- 2 rice cakes and a scoop of protein (post-workout meal)

- seitan, veggies, a bit of freekeh (cracked green wheat)

I also have an optional meal after that if I get hungry with some protein and veggies, but so far I've just had some snack cravings here and there which I satisfy with some organic vegan kimchi. Also, if I'm STARVING and my meal is not with me (I live an hour away from where I work. I've said no to going out many times because meal 5 is at home!), I'll have another scoop of protein to tide me over.

I also drink a coffee a day and maybe some tea later on. I just put unsweetened almond milk in it.

Supplements I use are vegan BCAAs from Genuine Health, Vega protein powder, and a green tea fat burner in the morning and post workout.

So far I'm not sure when or if I'll get a cheat meal. I am being a good girl so I can get lean fast and eat ALL the vegan pizza and desserts!!

Do you guys have any specific questions about my prep? I'd love to answer what I can. :-)

Tij xo

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