Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Recap of my First Bikini Competition

Ahhh, I can still smell the fake tanner and feel my abs flexing up every time a photo is taken. Yep, my big day I've been training for has passed... and it was totally incredible.

I trained for three months to get lean, gain as much muscle as possible and perfect my posing to show off my style to the judges. I invested a lot of money (you have no idea how expensive that damn tiny suit is...), time and also had a lot of freaking serious discipline to stay away from all the vegan treats and alcohol. But yes, it was totally worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Before my show day, it was out of town so I had to take a Go Bus, which I've never done. I was SO NERVOUS. I came up there all alone. But once I was at my hotel settling in before my first tan, I saw so many people in the same boat as me - first competition, and nervous as hell.

All these thoughts I hadn't had during my whole prep started coming. "You are so not lean enough", "You could have been doing more cardio", "The posing will not cut it", "You'll never win this". I had to take a moment and say STOP! I worked my ass off, quite literally. I made myself damn proud. At this point, showing confidence is all that matters.

Anyway, the night before we all had a meeting regarding the posing, the schedule, etc. I was so pumped. I looked around and saw all different ages and types of athletes, and I respected each and every one of them. I'm not even a competitive person, and although I did want to place, I was just happy to be a part of the whole thing.

I ended up making second call outs out of eighteen girls, which means they call the first five girls who placed, then the second group of five which I was in. I got tenth our of the whole group. Honestly, right away I could see exactly where I needed to make improvements. I know my posing wasn't too shabby for a first timer, but I already see where to change some things. Also, as my coach has said, next show I'll have built a lot more muscle and have a fuller physique to show, and come a bit leaner and with more sass.

Here are some pictures my friends took and from Muscle Insider:

Also, just to recap - after my show I did indeed indulge like crazy and drink way too much. I can honestly say I didn't miss hangovers. And the food was good, but I had feeling bloated and fluffy. Gym has been awesome... every workout I've had since taking time off and eating has made me extremely sore, in all the best ways.

In my off season, I want to focus on mobility as well as obviously building muscle, especially in my glutes and hamstrings. I noticed I have so much tightness all over my body, especially calves and mid back, and it's affecting my squats and deads big time. I really want to improve my technique in these lifts.

I've been trying to stick to the macronutrients and calories I was eating in the phase before my show, just so I don't balloon from overeating. For the most part I've stuck with it, except a few shameless cheats. Man, but today I feel extremely bloated... I ate something my mom made with white flour, and I couldn't stop myself because it was so good. I look pregnant. It made me realize how fantastic whole foods are and how much better my body feels. I really don't like the puffy feeling after drinking, so I really don't want to get too cheery with alcohol over the holidays.

Truth be told, I am already getting a big of those infamous post-competition body blues, but every time I do I just tell myself balance is key. I don't want to go back to pre competition, because I do want to stay lean, but sometimes having a few martinis is more important than doing extra cardio. ;)

Til next time... be ready for RECIPES! Finally...

xoxo Tij

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