Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Why I reintroduced some animal products

This post will definitely stir up a lot of comments. I am writing this post because my blog is about health and wellness, and I want to share how I am personally keeping myself healthy and well.

I went vegan four years ago because I thought it was the healthiest way to live. I felt great for a long time. In the beginning, however, I wasn't paying attention to protein and calories, and I lost a lot of weight and felt so tired and weak. I learned my lesson, and felt good for a while longer.

Recently, as you know, I did my two shows. Those have damaged my body more than most people would think. My adrenal glands, which react in response to stress and are in charge of making hormones, were completely fatigued and depleted after my shows. My hormones were already out of wack from the Pill and years of antidepressants (more on the BC pill in another post... bad news, folks). Now I was pushing my body to exhaustion physically, on minimal calories and not enough of the right foods (and too many wrong foods).

I was having so much soy, first of all, and as a vegan most of us do that. But I had tofu every single day... and the more you expose yourself to a food, the more likely you are to form an intolerance. I suspect, as discussed in a previous post, that I have leaky gut or other gut issues from constantly exposing myself to soy. After my show, I began avoiding it completely, and obviously gluten. So what was my protein source now?

I began eating beans, but only once a day and moderate serving. They are starchy and shouldn't be eaten in excess. One day, my boyfriend kindly asked me "Are you getting enough protein?". As a vegan, I quickly answered that I was and I'm fine. But then I stopped to think about it, and I really wasn't. I am a very active 24 year old with adrenal issues...eating very little protein and no animal foods.

In school, we started talking about adrenal fatigue. If you don't consume cholesterol, which helps make sex hormones, your body must make its own. But it can only make about 15%. So basically if your adrenal glands are suffering, it is not beneficial to follow a vegan diet. You need saturated fat and cholesterol.

I thought about it and decided to try organic, free fun, fresh eggs. And honestly I feel amazing. My body has responded very well. I felt guilty at first, but now I think of it in the way a friend of mine put it: I love animals, but I'm an animal too. I need to eat these foods to be healthy.

I tried wild salmon for the first time last week. I really liked it and again, I responded well. Even when I was vegan, eggs and fish did not give me that gross feeling like meat or poultry. And I am NOT planning on consuming meat or poultry. I feel nourished with these foods I've added into my diet, and it is my personal choice to leave it at that.

I understand people will have opinions. One thing to keep in mind is that I have the same philosophies and I eat the same way as before, with the exception of a couple meals with eggs or fish. I love veggies, I buy cruelty free products, and I love animals. I also love and respect my health. I am so happy I made this choice, and if you are not happy I made this choice, please try to remember we are all individuals who have different needs. I used to think people never tried hard enough with being fully vegan if they gave up. I am not giving up. In fact, I feel exactly the same. I continue to be me, I'm just adding in what my body needs to feel its best.

I think eating fully plant based is amazing. I also know it is not amazing for long term for everyone. I will leave this post sending love to everyone, and wishing you all healthy and happy lives, whatever you choose to eat or how you choose to live.

Love Tij

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