Tuesday, 25 August 2015

"How do you feel now that you're not vegan?"

Lots of people have asked me how I feel now that I have started to include some animal products. I definitely feel different, and I am glad I did change my diet.

I have been on a protocol to heal my adrenals, cleanse my liver and parasites, and with that I feel much better.

To be honest, I am most happy with the emotional shift I have experienced. I was so obsessed with labeling myself as "vegan", thinking I KNEW this was the best way for every person to live, and just being so shocked that even after all the information I threw into social media, not every one of my friends was jumping on the bandwagon.

When I made the announcement, I had some people express shock, anger, and just plain negativity towards my choice. To be honest, as a vegan every time I saw people say "I'm not vegan anymore" I instantly thought "ugh, another gives up from lack of information" or "wow, how could they?! I would NEVER even think of not being vegan". That kind of thinking is messed up for several reasons.

I now include animal products for many reasons, which I've listed before. I am a young woman who has adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances through the roof. I also developed a sensitivity to soy. I am very athletic and work out frequently. All of these make being vegan a very unfavourable choice. I needed to get cholesterol in my diet to make hormones, I needed protein to sustain my energy and build muscle (as an athlete we do have more need for protein, and soy and gluten are not favourable choices), and my body was not having soy any more.

When I see how much I have recovered, I don't regret for a second what I did. What I would like to say to all those vegans pointing their noses up at people who go back - you are not them. Human beings are naturally omnivorous, and YES you can be healthy on a plant based diet, but not every person thrives on it. And also, for people who scoff and judge and say such awful and hurtful things to me or anymore who makes a different choice - is the idea of veganism you try and preach not to be peaceful and loving? Judging people is not something good in general, but especially if someone is making a conscious effort to better their own health. Having McDonalds burgers and factory farmed Franken-foods daily doesn't even warrant judgement, but this is the kind of thing people need education on.

In the animal kingdom, we all look out for our own health. You may not agree with this belief, but I truly think living consciously and respecting everything I consume, from clothing to food to whatever else, for the most part, is the way I want to live my life. I am healthier because I have included some foods in my diet, and I do not desire to eat meat and poultry. That's me. A lot of my loved ones eat meat, and do I think they're murderers? No, I love and respect them, and they make choices just like I make choices - for their own best interest.

Please feel free to comment, but please your comments thoughtful and not just plain negative.

Thanks for reading,
xoxo Tij